Our Staff

Parkdale Montessori School is an AMI-accredited school, and a Member School of the Montessori Quality Assurance (a division group committed to the principles of the Association Montessori Internationale). Parkdale Montessori School is a non-denominational, private school, licensed under the Child Care and Early Years Act, and governed by the Ministry of Education.

School Owners:

Husband-and-wife team, Claude Flight and Sandrine Flight are the two founders and owners of Parkdale Montessori School. They currently lead a team of 20 people, who are professionally Montessori-trained head teachers, assistants, and devoted support staff.

Sandrine Flight, B.A., M.Ed., AMI. Sandrine was born in Belgium and spent her childhood in both Belgium and France. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Applied Language Studies, and Film Studies from Carleton University in Ottawa. She received her AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) diploma at the Casa level from the Foundation for Montessori Education, Toronto. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Education (Montessori concentration) from Loyola University, Maryland. Sandrine has been working in Montessori for 20 years and taught in schools in both Toronto and Ottawa. She is a member of AMI Canada.

Claude Flight, B.A., B.Sc., M.A., PMP. Claude is originally from Newfoundland. Prior to opening Parkdale Montessori School, Claude spent his working career in Project Management and Marketing for 25 years. He obtained his undergraduate degrees and Masters of Arts from Memorial University of Newfoundland, while his Master’s in Project Management is from George Washington University and Université du Québec. Claude also holds a Certificate in Criminology. Claude offers consulting services and has lectured at The Montessori Foundation international conference. Claude is also a children’s book author and most recently published “Sally’s Stomach”.

School and Summer Camp Supervisor:

Jasmine Steadman, DCS, CRLA, MEY, ECE (in progress). Jasmine was born and raised in Quebec. Jasmine graduated from Heritage College with a DCS in Office System Technology, specialization in Micro-publishing and Hypermedia, and a CRLA Regular Tutoring Certificate. Jasmine worked for the government of Canada and in management within the service industry but decided, after discovering the Montessori philosophy, to pursue a career with children. She obtained a Montessori Assistant certificate and is currently pursuing her studies in Early Childhood Education with the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. Jasmine has worked for many years in the Toddler, Casa and Elementary classrooms. She also spent a year in the position of School Administrator, covering a staff maternity leave.

School Administrator:

Camy Pilon, MEY diploma. Camy was born in Vietnam and grew up in Montreal. Camy worked for many years in the food and service industry, but after discovering the Montessori philosophy, she decided to pursue a career in the fascinating educational field. Camy worked for many years at the Toddler, Casa, and Elementary levels as well as in the Extended Care program as the Supervisor before taking on the position of School Administrator.

Finance Manager / Assistant Supervisor:

Rebecca Schwartz, B.A, B.Ed, MEY. Rebecca grew up in the small town of Almonte just outside of Ottawa, where she always knew she wanted to be involved with educating children later in life. She graduated from University of Ottawa with a double major in English Literature and Psychology, and later went on to complete her B.Ed at the Primary/Junior level. She also has a Montessori Early Years certificate, obtained in Ottawa. After being a Casa Assistant for a few years, Rebecca spent a year in the position of School Administrator, covering a staff maternity leave. She has since taken on the role of Finance Manager and remains part of the administration team while working with children at the Casa level.

Pedagogical Supervisor / Head Teacher:

Ms. Danielle, B.A., ECE, AMI. Danielle is originally from New Brunswick and graduated from the Université de Moncton with a Bachelor in Fine Arts Education in 1995. After a few years teaching in the public school system, she moved to Vancouver to obtain her diploma at the Casa level and her ECE certificate at the Montessori Training Center of British Columbia in 2001. She has worked as a Head Teacher in Vancouver and in the Ottawa area ever since, and has taught in both English and French. Danielle is an active member of AMI Canada, participating in local, national and international refresher courses, workshops and conferences.

Head Teachers:

All Head Teachers have Montessori certifications qualifying them to teach at either the Toddler, Casa or Elementary level. They also hold undergraduate degrees, as well some hold an Early Childhood Education diploma.

Ms. Elizabeth, AMI, ECE. Elizabeth studied Early Childhood Education at Algonquin College during the mid-90’s. It was there that she discovered her new calling, Montessori. Elizabeth went on to work as an assistant in a Montessori school in Orleans in 2004 and by 2006 had earned her AMI Montessori Primary Teacher Diploma. Not long after, she was granted a head teacher’s position and led a bilingual classroom for 11 years. She has embraced Montessori as a life-long passion and builds her craft on a daily basis. She is a member of AMI Canada.

Ms. Jessica, B.A, DSW diploma, Montessori diplomas. Jessica was born and raised in Ontario. Jessica graduated from Ottawa University with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. She then went on to graduate with Honours in the Development Services Worker program at Algonquin College before deciding to pursue her career in Montessori. Jessica holds a Montessori certificate at both the Casa and Elementary levels. Jessica has been working in the education field for 15 years, and has taught in both English and French. Jessica has worked with children with special needs, as head teacher in Elementary, as Head Teacher in the Casa environment, and is currently the directress in the Toddler program. She is a member of AMI Canada.

Ms. Linda, B.A., HBOR, AMI. Linda holds an AMI Elementary teacher’s certificate from Montessori Institute of Milwaukee. She has been teaching Montessori in Canada for 15 years with ages 6-12 and taught in France for two years. In France, she implemented a Montessori Model United Nations program and escorted students to two MMUN meetings in Geneva. She is an active member of the Montessori community. Her foundations are in outdoor/environmental education, and she implemented the “going out program” with her students. Linda is passionate about teaching in a hands-on interactive learning environment and enjoys having access to the natural environment as an extension to the classroom. She is a member of AMI Canada.

Ms. Teresa, Bachelor of Journalism (Concordia University, Montreal), AMI. Teresa grew up in St. Catharines, Ontario where she attended a Montessori School until she was ten years old. She has lived throughout Canada (from Montreal to Kamloops), as well as in Czech Republic, The Netherlands and Denmark. In 2014, after five years working in daily news journalism, Teresa decided to retrain in Early Childhood Education. It was the best decision she ever made. Teresa completed her AMI Montessori training in Vancouver. She has worked as a head teacher in both Toddler and Casa levels, and is currently guiding children in the Toddler community. She is a member of AMI Canada.

French Teacher (Elementary Level):

Ms. Amélie, B. Ed, M.Ed (in progress). Amélie was born in France. She grew up  in a small town in the South of France and completed all her schooling in France. Amélie then moved to Canada to pursue her studies. She graduated from McGill University with a Bachelor of Education and a specialization in French Immersion. She is currently continuing her higher education with a Master of Education at the University of Ottawa while teaching French daily to our Elementary students. Amélie is passionate about Education and engages children in stimulating and fun activities to introduce French as a second language.


Our team includes: Angèle, Anshu, Audrey, Diana, Jasmine, Kassandra, Rachael, Rebecca, Rébecca  and Victoria.

Assistants hold undergraduate degrees or are in the process of completing their degree. They also either have a Montessori certificate and/or Early Childhood Education diploma, or previous experience working in Montessori.


Gorden, diploma in Tourism, certificates (Contemporary cuisine, Chinese pastry, Chinese cuisine, safe food handling). Chef Gorden worked for 15 years in hotel management and for 8 years in the food and service industry. Prior to joining Parkdale Montessori School, he worked in another Montessori School in Ottawa, and as a chef, a pastry chef, and a sushi chef in various restaurants and settings. Gorden is the winner of des Entremets de Restaurant Boutique – le 62e Grand Salon d’Art Culinaire du Québec, 2001, organisé par La Société des Chefs, Cuisiniers et Pâtissiers du Québec.


All staff members undergo police checks and CPR/First Aid training.